Vector Marketing Student Programs

Vector Marketing has been a great match for tens of thousands of college students since 1982. Unlike many organizations, Vector Marketing offers a training program and sales model that are designed especially for young people who may have very limited work experience. This structure provides a great match for students who want the chance to challenge themselves and build meaning work experience before they graduate. Vector Marketing's training programs give students the opportunity to learn industry standard sales skills, marketing skills, and management skills. This learning process allows students to grow as professionals and gain experience in the business world.

Vector Marketing representatives are responsible for the marketing and sales of Cutco Cutlery. Here, students gain valuable experience as they learn how to build a customer base, market themselves and the products, and learn the tips and tricks of the sales industry. In addition, representatives who work with Vector Marketing may be eligible for internships and scholarships. These internships provide anywhere from 1 - 4 credit hours of coursework, helping students to complete their education while getting hands on experience. The most successful students make a commitment to the effort, respond to training with a positive attitude, and communicate frequently when they need assistance.

The Association for Excellence in Sales and Marketing Education (AESME) also provides students with an additional boost to their careers. This association brings Vector Marketing sales executives into the classroom as guest lecturers, and invites professors to participate in Vector events to strengthen the connection between theory and practice.

Due to Vector Marketing's unique business model, Vector Marketing has also been featured in many marketing textbooks. The highly effective training program that Vector Marketing offers has been introduced to many college students around the country through these textbooks. Working with Vector Marketing as an intern or representative can help students solidify their understanding of sales and business concepts.